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Avoid these foods and learn how to lose lower belly fat


Learn how to lose lower belly fat

The food you eat can affect your health and the appearance of your body. Aside from the food that can heal your body, you should also be aware of the foods that can damage your health and figure. Learn how to lose lower belly fat by avoiding certain type of foods in your diet. Listed below are 5 foods that you should avoid to keep your belly flat and your body healthy.

Potato chips

Potato chips are delicious and convenient snacks but it contributes to the formation of belly fat. Most brands of potato chips in the market contain hydrogenated oils or trans fat, which is known to increase the weight of an individual as well as raises heart disease risk. The high calorie content of potato chips can add to your belly fat so skip this snack and choose a healthy alternative such as nuts or berries.

Fruit juice

You may think that there is nothing bad with fruit juices, but you’re wrong. Fruit juices may contain nutrients but it is often high in sugar. The refined sugar in fruit juice formulations promotes the storage of fat in the body particularly in your belly. Lose your belly fat by shying away from fruit juices, instead opt to drink water or freshly squeezed fruits.

Processed baked goods

Processed baked goods such as doughnuts, cakes, and muffins contains a lot of calories and sugar that are bad for your figure. Calories and sugar are hard to digest so it stays in your body for a long time. Sugar also increases inflammation that can bloat your stomach. High sugar intake can cause an increase in your abdominal fat so you have to be mindful of the food that you eat. Skip these baked treats and you can be sure to observe a reduction in your lower belly fat.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks are bad for your health and it can increase your belly fat. This beverage has empty calories and high amount of sugar. Calories, sugar, and the preservatives in soft drinks can increase your weight and hasten the formation of fat in your belly. Instead of soft drinks, choose green tea or pure water to quench your thirst and you can lose your lower belly fat.


Small amounts of alcohol can protect you against heart diseases but too much of this drink can cause serious harm to your body. Alcohol has high caloric content and little nutritional benefit. Heavy alcohol consumption can cause an increase in excess fat around your waist. Alcoholic beverages also have this addictive effect so you will tend to consume more. In addition, alcohol can stimulate and increase your appetite that can damage your diet. Limit your alcohol intake and watch the decrease in your belly fat.

A simple answer on how to lose lower belly fat is by avoiding the foods mentioned above. Prevent the accumulation of excessive fat and sugar in your body to maintain that perfect figure. Remember that a flat belly will not only make you look good but it will also benefit your overall health.

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